Rolling Mill Spare Parts

Our wide gamut of Metallurgical Spare Parts includes Mandrel Bar, Piercing Plug For Rolling Mill and Cast Iron Ring. Being the topmost company in this industry, we make sure to procure the entire range from trusted vendors after inspecting its strength and durability on standard parameters. High in demand in metallurgy industry, these are extensively used in various CNC machines, rolling mills and other processing equipment for highly efficient operation.


  • These spare parts have excellent dimensional tolerances
  • Coated with epoxy powder for long term protection against corrosion
  • These are best known for their superior corrosion resistance
Product Image (descaling Nozzle)

High Pressure Descaling Nozzle

Steel Descaling in hot moving procedures in a utilization of provided High Pressure Descaling Nozzle. The effect compels. In addition, the nozzles pressure can be resolved utilizing Newton's second and third aphorism. This permits ascertaining the effect pressure roughly by a basic formula.

Product Image (Ladle heating)

Regenerative Ladle Heating

Every Regenerative Ladle Heating is exceptionally built for the application's needs. To meet particular application prerequisites Blossom utilizes an assortment of burners running from regenerative and adjustable station to customary and premix outlines. In addition, the ladle heating holds its accurate temperature for longer hours.

Product Image (RRM)

Rolls for Rod Mills

Rolls for Rod Mills are intended for application in the high torque, low speed as well as intermediate stands of wire pole factories where conventional steel rolls or cast iron are utilized. Furthermore, different mills avail our rolls for satisfying customers™ requirements.

Product Image (Mandrel Bar Plating)

Mandrel Bar Chrome Plating Line

All the Mandrel Bar Chrome Plating Line will be energized into plating tank after cleaned and isolated air fog recuperation framework and flushing water in passage and exit of plating will be revived into plating tank for remuneration of plating fluid dissipation.

Product Image (Spray Nozzle)

Secondary Cooling Spray Nozzle

Secondary Cooling Spray Nozzles can be arranged to give wide full cone splash examples as are superb at dispersing liquid over an extensive region. They additionally create generally fine beads when contrasted with other water driven spouts as are appropriate for several cooling applications.

Product Image (Carbide rolls)

Three Dimensional Carbide Rolls

Three Dimensional Carbide Rolls are provided in two hub bracing frameworks a customary water powered cinch, and new mechanical clip that is simple to introduce and keep up. Our rolls offer bracing powers identical to using pressurized water clipped assemblies, however sans the requirement for particular apparatuses or liquid.

Product Image (HPM Series)

Paint Jet Making Machine

Paint is pressurized pneumatically under high weight with the assistance of twofold acting positive removal proportion pump. This Paint Jet Making Machine paints at high weight is discharged into the air from the shower weapon. The distinction in the weight causes atomization of the paint particles when discharged.

Product Image (Slab Auto cutter)

Slab Auto Cutter

Slab Auto Cutter is an edge cutting device. It is utilized to trim and smooth the harsh sides (edges) of granite, marble or different hard material. This cutter comprises of a moving shaper and a settled base. Development of the shaper is fueled by an electric engine.

Product Image (ribbed steel bars)

Ribbed Steel Bars

Our Ribbed Steel Bar is a sort of disfigured, high quality steel that is produced by regulated cold bending of hot moved bar. This bar possesses projections on the surface acknowledged as ribs henceforth the named our product.

Product Image (Ladle Covering System)

Ladle Covering System

Nowadays, Ladle Covering System is utilized as a part of an essentially more mind boggling way than the more established steel softening shops where scoops were utilized basically to transport fluid steel from a steel making heater to the ingot molds.

Product Image (DL Series)

Automatic Chamfering Production Line

Each Chamfering Production Line includes a pickup axle that gathers crude parts from a work piece transport and returns them to the belt in the wake of machining, limiting chip-to-chip times. Different machines can be consolidated into creation lines, since the part exchange stature between machines is dependably the same.

Product Image (Billet Auto cutter)

Billet Auto Cutter

This Billet Auto Cutter is uncommonly plan for continuous throwing machine in steel process. It is utilized for slice to length hot billet shearing. Even development is offered with travelling barrel for exact shearing. Our cutter will be reasonable for consistent casting units.

Product Image (Spray Marking Machine)

Spray Marking Machine

Our Spray Marking Machine is the expert decision for line checking machines. It is battery controlled that apply the dry and wet paint uniformly over the products, the better machine provides two spouts that work in a v arrangement, which encourages usage in one-pass.

Product Image (Steel Pipe Marking)

Steel Pipe Measuring and Marking Production Line

This Steel Pipe Measuring and Marking Production Line are for steel pipe estimating, recording, stamping gadgets. It estimates the pipe length (consistent pipe), weighed and forms as per the prerequisites of the tube against the body mass of the auto-finish print stamp shower painted ring.

Product Image (Bloom Auto Cutter)

Bloom Auto Cutter

Lights and spouts are the center of the procedure; hence Bloom Auto Cutter appends incredible significance to the nature of licensed items in machining exactness, cooling attributes, unique cutting outcomes and affirmed quality control.

Product Image (BMR)

Bar Mill Rolls

Bar Mill Rolls are fit for being connected to different sizes of wire poles and bars by few lodging piece sets, allowing support work along these lines to be done effectively. Alternatively, these mill rolls are strong in nature and last for years in customers™ plants.

Product Image (PP)

Piercing Plug For Rolling Mill

By presenting a penetrating mandrel sorted in the move hole, Piercing Plugs could be punctured to create an empty shell in the moving heat by the activity of different cross rolls. Moreover, these plugs have been proved helpful in different milling plants.

Product Image (RP GE)

RP Graphite Electrode

Grade RP Graphite Electronic delivers the ladle heater administrator a solid, reliable cathode composed particularly for the ladle heater. Each angle was designed to give only the correct qualities to the requests of the application.

Product Image (GE)

Graphite Electrode

Graphite Electrode is utilized primarily in electric curve heater steel manufacturing. It is currently the main item accessible that have the extended amounts of electrical conductivity as well as the capacity of maintaining the elevated levels of heat produced in this requesting condition.

Product Image (CIR)

Cast Iron Ring

Cast Iron Ring is the most widely recognized sort because of the low-grating and wear-safe properties. They are utilized in a wide scope of extended-temperature and fast motor applications. The mechanical structure of our ring produces predictable pressure from the drag.

Product Image (MB)

Mandrel bar

When moving consistent tubes, a pre-penetrated steel billet is moved over our Mandrel Bar by notched rolls in an extend lessening moving procedure to create a tube blank or a tube. Offered bar decides the state of the inward tube surface.


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